jasmyn: Path of Exile nervt seine Fans mit Stealth statt Hack&Slay

Path of Exile nervt seine Fans mit Stealth statt Hack&Slay

27 Sep 2020 in 05:03am
The latest season of Path of Exile is called "Path of Exile: Heist". The concept of the league is exciting. Just like in a robbery movie, players formed a team of NPC experts, and players robbed them in order to obtain a large amount of loot. Players can Buy POE Currency to play the game easily and happily.

Every new expansion of Path of Exile will have the same situation:
Players look forward to the new league, the league starts, and many fans are disappointed due to errors or absurd game mechanics. Half of the people think that the criticism is reasonable, and the other half are upset by complaining. Developers release patches one to two weeks after the start of the alliance, which usually solves all problems

In Path of Exile: Heist, it has reached the second item on this list. At the beginning, there were multiple crashes in the new areas of Rogue Harbor and Heists, and many players were unable to really try the new mechanism and pass the repair procedure. However, there are currently many other bugs that ensure that you can't advance to the last treasure chest in a robber: NPC assistants who need to open the door are usually attacked by the mob through the wall-this will stop the opening animation and make it impossible to move forward.

Incognito instead of Hack&Slay doesn’t work yet
These errors will be resolved soon-so far, Grinding Gear Games was able to fix the most serious game errors within a few days. However, the implementation of the concept of robbery has currently aroused a lot of discussion, and this problem should not be resolved in the short term.

In many cases, it is impossible to bypass the opponent at all, so you must kill them or escape them directly-in many cases, if you do not use damage-resistant structures, it will result in death. On Reddit, players are currently criticizing this design decision: Godisme2: "This alliance feels like you have watched a heist movie or series and want to form an alliance from it, but can't figure out how it works in ARPG. That What we got was a mess at the time." KcoolClap: "In a game that aims to slaughter a large number of enemies through a full-screen AOE attack, they really think it is a good idea to increase stealth gameplay and punish monsters for killing. Excellent game designer. Keep up the good work."

However, not all players limit themselves to complaining. For example, Reddit user Ristle provided many suggestions for improvement, such as the alert level only rising when the opponent is fighting with you, and not when they are killed. If you are also a player in Path of Exile, then buying POE PS4 Orbs can help you get achievements in the game as soon as possible.

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