jasmyn: Escape or lose everything in the Path of Exile

Escape or lose everything in the Path of Exile

25 Sep 2020 in 04:41am
The third major expansion of the free RPG Path of Exile has landed on PC and Mac, and has now reached Xbox One and PlayStation4. Get ready to risk everything on the Path of Exile: Heist and possibly get rich rewards from it. POECurrency sells a series of POE items and currencies, players can Buy POE Currency here, and then play the game easily and happily.

Path of Exile: Heist expansion allows players to hire expert thieves and form a team of personnel designed to infiltrate high-security facilities, with the main goal of retrieving valuable artifacts. In the process of bypassing security measures, care must be taken not to alert any guards by triggering an alarm. Once the artifact is found and acquired, since the alarm will sound automatically, it will become a tedious escape race. But don't panic, because failing to reach the extraction point means that everything lost will be lost.

The successful completion of the Heist will allow you to lay the foundation for the ultimate goal: to achieve the "Big Heist". In the process, you need to gather wealth and knowledge to reveal the blueprint of the huge facility where a major robbery will occur. To ensure smooth progress, you must carefully plan which crew you will bring; for people who are both well-trained and competent for the job. These Grand Heists provide many cool new rewards, such as Alternate Quality Gems, which provides more build varieties. Weapons and body armor are enchanted to provide more power; the only item in the dungeon is a mutation remake of the classic item; and the thief's accessories allow you to better control your rewards.

Path of Exile: Heist Main feature: Free to download and play, but never win. 13 new active NPCs, they have rich background knowledge, advanced skills, and can be equipped with new handmade items. A new area similar to a town, a rogue port. The itemized detailed area containing the heist can be accessed from the beginning of the character's progress. Seven new skills and modifications to existing curses, spells and steel skills. More than 25 new unique items.

POECurrency is a website dedicated to purchasing POE Trade On PS4 to help you improve your strength in the game. So what are you waiting for? Load the Path of Exile now and start drawing your first Heist in this new extension!

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