jasmyn: Path of Exile: The community is not satisfied with the Heist League

Path of Exile: The community is not satisfied with the Heist League

24 Sep 2020 in 04:52am
The latest league in Path of Exile is called Heist. The concept of the league is incredibly exciting on paper: just like in a Heist movie, we formed a team of NPC experts and carried out robberies on a highly secure system to obtain large amounts of loot. In the game, players can Buy POE Currency and then win the game.

At the beginning of the league, many fans were disappointed due to wrong or absurd game mechanics. Half of the people think that the criticism is reasonable, and the other half are upset by complaining. Developers release patches one to two weeks after the start of the alliance, which usually resolves all issues. There were multiple car accidents in the new areas of Rogue Harbor and Heists, which meant that many players could not try to use the new mechanics through the repair procedure, and most of them were eliminated on Sunday.

So far, Grinding Gear Games has fixed the most serious game errors within a few days, and perhaps these errors will be resolved soon. However, the implementation of the concept of Heist has caused a lot of discussion. The problem with the Heist: the system you broke into here has a lot of boxes with loot-once you open them, the alert level will rise. Killing guards in the area will also increase this indicator. If the alarm is triggered, no more boxes can be opened, you must quickly reach the final loot room and secure the required mission items, otherwise, the Heist is considered a failure.

However, in many cases, the player cannot bypass the opponent at all, so you must kill them or escape them directly. If you don't use the damage-resistant structure, you will end up in death. Not all players limit themselves to complaining. For example, Reddit user Ristle provided many suggestions for improvement, such as the alert level only rising when the opponent is fighting with you, and not when they are killed.

Have you tried the new Heist League? Experienced players buy POE Currency Xbox to help them improve their strength in the league.

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