jasmyn: Path of Exile: Heist enables players to carry out their own marine type 11 theft

Path of Exile: Heist enables players to carry out their own marine type 11 theft

28 Sep 2020 in 04:47am
On September 18th, players can enter the newest League in Path of Exile, called "Heist". The new members allow players to break into their own paths in difficult strongholds and reward some unique items. If you haven't received the reward, don't worry, you can Buy POE Currency to improve your strength.

In Heist, players enter a new area called Rogue Harbour. Here, players can meet different thieves, hire them for their crew, and prepare blueprints for new jobs. When players fight monsters in Path of Exile, they will encounter marks and contracts. Players consume tokens to Rogue Harbour, where they can sign Rogue Thieves in their contract. Each contract will take players to a different facility where they will work with hired Rogues to steal treasure.

Players can loot the treasure room in the Heist, but the main goal is the artifact. If the player puts it into the artifact before warning the guard, it can be stolen. If the player escapes successfully, they will get loot. Death means losing all the spoils.When the player collects cultural relics, they can be sold to the walls of Rogue Harbour to get the mark and lead to the heist. At the end of the heist, players can choose from unique rewards. Some of the attractive new items include new systems, such as "replicas of unique items" and "alternative quality gems", which are all new additions to the path of exile.

The unique items of the replica need 100 unique items and make adjustments. Instead of bows that are usually scaled for flexibility, duplicate bows may have reduced strength. The quality of the usual gems will increase the specific aspects of the skills, the gems of the replacement quality will use the same skills, and the quality of the replacement will increase the original attack damage.

These rewards are unique to the robbery, and only one player can get an item from the big robbery. In the cooperative version of "Heist", only the players who signed the contract can take away the spare quality gems or the only items in the copy-however, they can trade any of them to friends, and the friends can rob the treasure room inside the black case . Heist also introduced the first new equipment slot in the history of Path of Exile: trinkets. For Heist, the trinket slot can only improve various Heist-related mechanisms.

Heist provides additional features for the rest of the road to exile. Grinding Gear Games has improved certain curses and various aspects of steel spells in the game. If you are also a player on Path of Exile, you can purchase POE PS4 Currency to increase your strength in the heist.

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