Emilylowes: General Tips For The Fight Stagger is important

General Tips For The Fight Stagger is important

25 Marz 2023 in 01:55am
There are three potential phases of Lost Ark Gold attacks - during Phase 1, there is a Charge, a Fling attack (will launch you in the air), a Tail Whip (watch out while back-attacking), a Wing Attack, and a Leap Attack. During Phase 2, Helgaia's attacks are enhanced - the Charge is upgraded so that Helgaia takes flight while charging and the Fireball attack now fires three separate shots. Phase 3 includes Meteor Rain - check the image below. The point of impact is indicated by a glowing yellow spot. Do not stand on that spot. You can be hit by more than one meteor, causing a sort of juggle effect which essentially removes you from the fight for a short time.

General Tips For The Fight Stagger is important during the fight. Successful stagger checks will make the fight much easier. Bring Whirlwind Grenades to assist during the stagger checks. The stagger check gets harder and harder over the course of the fight - in the end it's basically inevitable that Helgaia does evolve, you can just prolong this part of the fight for longer. Bring the necessary Raid items - Panacea is useful in the Helgaia fight, as well as health pots and Whirlwind Grenades. Use the Panacea if you hit 4+ stacks of the Burn debuff. It'll end up dealing pretty nasty damage to you.

Once you've reached level 50 in Lost Ark, a vast endgame experience will open up for you. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, island quests, and much more await. But before you can delve into any of these activities, you'll need to ensure that cheapest Lost Ark Gold your item level is up to par with the content you're facing.

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