Emilylowes: There are three tiers of content available in the endgame

There are three tiers of content available in the endgame

21 Marz 2023 in 01:29am
Leveling takes place over the course of a 15-20 hour story, comprised of a variety of Lost Ark Gold quests, dungeons, and cinematic set-pieces. Once you've hit level 50, the end of the original level arc, there are three tiers of content available in the endgame: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. All three tiers will be available at launch in the NA/EU version of the game. The max level has been extended to level 60. Once you're at max, so begins the iLevel grind, essentially your gear score.

Endgame activities involve raiding, dungeons, global events, PvP, collectibles, completing daily and weekly missions, and leveling up alts. Alts aren't necessary to enjoy Lost Ark, although they're great if you want to maximize your daily gold (you can run daily and weeklies on your alts) as well as to try out some more of the game's classes.

Getting Started In Lost Ark - Beginner's Basics

This section will be expanded on ahead of the game's full release. It will include class guides, build guides, PvE guides, and more. This section is designed to help new players get started in Lost Ark - a game that is huge and daunting for fresh mokokos.

Looking for a head start with all of Lost Ark's endgame content? We've got you covered in these guides covering activities you can do once hit you level 50 and beyond.

For more information about leveling through Tier 1, check out our Tier 1 endgame guide. You can also check out our entire Lost Ark Gold buy list here for more information and simple answers.

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