CLM: Wholesale granular activated carbon

Wholesale granular activated carbon

15 Mai 2021 in 03:30am
Micropores at 2.0nm.Due to the pore structure of GAC, its adsorption speed is slow and its separation rate is not high. Especially, its physical form makes it inconvenient in application and operation, which limits the application range of GACACF is the third generation of activated carbon products after powdered and granular activated carbon products.Activated carbon fiber developed in the 1970s is a new and efficient adsorbent with the development of carbon fiber industry.www.coconutactivatedcarbon.com/ The characteristics of carbon fiberACF is a member of the porous carbon family with unique properties. Compared with the traditional granular activated carbon (GAC), ACF has the following characteristics: the pore structure of ACF and GAC is very different, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.The pore distribution of ACF is basically monodispersed, mainly composed of micropores smaller than 2.0nm, and the pore openings are directly on the surface of the fiber. The diffusion path of the adsorbate to the adsorption site is short, and the fiber diameter is small. Therefore, the contact area with the adsorbed substance is large, which increases the adsorption probability and can be uniformly contacted.Industry should beActivated carbon also requires high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, its structure is stable, small energy required for adsorption, in order to be conducive to regeneration.Activated carbon for oilDecolorization, deodorization, gas separation, solvent recovery and air conditioning of fat, beverage, food and drinking water, used as catalyst or adsorbent for body and gas mask.Physical characteristics:Activated carbon is a kind of multi-aperture carbonization, has a very rich pore structure, has good adsorption characteristics, its adsorption by physical and chemicalAbsorbed from the force, the appearance of the color and lustre is black.Its composition in addition to the main carbon, but also contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, its structure is shaped like a hexagon, due to the irregular hexagon structure, determine the characteristics of its body also incandescentand high surface area, each gram of activated carbon has the equivalent of 1000 square meters than the surface.www.chinactivecarbon.com/

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