jasmyn: This is the new Heist mechanism of Path of Exile

This is the new Heist mechanism of Path of Exile

12 Okt 2020 in 04:28am
The latest Heist League in Path of Exile introduces a whole new ecosystem. The dungeon and the Heists themselves add the breadth of content to Path of Exile, which has never been seen in recent leagues. You can Buy POE Currency to increase your strength in the league. Understand the mechanism of Heist, here is the mechanism of the new Heist introduced in the Heist League.

Every enemy in the Heist League may drop the Rogue Mark. This is a special currency that opens the door to the thieves’ port. Players can also find contracts from killed enemies and unique caches, which can be used to initiate robberies in rogue ports.

Contracts are similar to maps, and each contract has an area level that represents the power of the monster. These tasks will also indicate the skills required, the puzzles that have occurred, and list any potential modifiers of the incredible or rarity of the contract. Players can use currency items to modify these contracts to increase rewards, but the difficulty will be greater. Contracts can be obtained in Act 1 at the earliest, and they cover almost every field. Every looter needs a thief who is proficient in certain jobs. Heist League has nine jobs: agility, brute force, deception, etc. There are 9 thieves who always have an excellent choice in these jobs.

Rogue Harbor
As with the recent leagues, players can find all content related to the robbery in the Rogue port, which is a new social space that can only be accessed by consumers of Rogue Marker. This location accommodates all NPC thieves, can buy fences marked by thieves for robbery rewards, and the ability to activate contracts and blueprints. Players will need to wander Rogue Harbor frequently to adjust their roles, use blueprints to plan Grand Heists, and complete their own contracts.

Alarm level
Compared with the typical "Path of Exile" content and Heist, the most obvious change is the alert level. The gauge will be filled according to the opened box and be found by certain objects in the environment. After the recent fix, killing the target no longer increases Heist's alert level, although the developer has indicated plans to change the alert level system in the future.

Some mechanisms in Heist are obscure, but they are very important. For example, contraband. The player will lose these items when they die, but if the player has valuable contraband, they can opt out of the robbery. Go to the level and start to make the item continue to exist when you die, then return to the level and loot the remaining items. And Buy POE PS4 Currency can improve the player's strength and help players get achievements in Heist.

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