jasmyn: Path of Exile: Patch Notes for 3.12.3

Path of Exile: Patch Notes for 3.12.3

10 Okt 2020 in 04:16am
The patch notes for the latest patch 3.12.3 of "Path to Exile" are here, bringing some improvements and fixes to the ongoing Heist League. If you want to enhance the strength of Path of Exile, you can Buy POE Currency, which is an effective and fast way, and poecurrency.com provides you with the most favorable price.

Please note that, as usual, the console release of this patch will be released a few days after the PC patch is released. This patch contains many improvements, including increasing the XP of monsters and increasing rewards.

The following is an exhaustive list of what comes with this patch:

The activated quest line leads to The Twins and Nashta, where the boss of Usurper Heist meets.
Greatly increases the possibility of obtaining unique contracts from smugglers’ caches.
Reduced the maximum length of looting in higher-level areas. The number of bonus rooms remains unchanged.
Reduced the number of robbery work doors leading to the main targets of the robbers.
Moved some more valuable main path box rewards to the reward room box.
Increased the rewards of normal, amulet, transformation and pioneer reward room treasure chests.
Now, amulets dropped in the 68+ level area will now be dropped by higher level modifiers on average, with random anointed notable.
Now, many bonus room treasure chests can put down their scarabs.
The minimap icon for general rewards has been updated to more closely reflect the random classification of possible rewards.
Greatly increased the experience value given by the Heist monster after being killed.

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