CSCA: The end of Madden 20 series 5 has made players gain a lot

The end of Madden 20 series 5 has made players gain a lot

27 Jun 2020 in 05:36am
Many players have already experienced the activities of Madden 20 Series 5 and gained many powerful player cards. The exciting content of the NFL playoffs made players hooked. They are happy to get stronger player cards as their access to MUT Coins becomes wider. Some players have thought about how they treat the Series 4 trophies that have passed.

They can get a lot of rewards by completing solo battles and weekend leagues. Players need to spend 220 trophies if they want to get the Touchdown Pack. Or they can spend 65,000 coins or three elite players with a total score of 83 or more in exchange for card packages. Players can also get 25,000 coins or players by obtaining the Redzone package.

Brandin Cooks has excellent performance on both offense and defense. With a total score of 97, he has 99 points of technical action and 95 of brutal strength. If players can well use this card, they can get significant advantages and many trophies in the game. Many players reach their limit after reaching 80. The scores of many player cards in the MUT will definitely change in the next update. Players will find that their player cards now score even 90 points. In addition, they can receive rewards such as Pat Tillman and Tory Holt’s Master token.

Madden team will definitely continue to provide more interesting content for players. Their priority now is to use Madden Coins to gain more game experience to use their powerful player cards as early as possible in the upcoming Madden 21. There will be more legendary players in the fresh Madden game. Players need to Buy MUT 21 Coins as soon as possible to prepare.

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