Emilylowes: This rule gives teams the opportunity

This rule gives teams the opportunity

22 Jan 2024 in 09:33am
Although we’ve seen alternative MUT 24 Coins leagues to the Madden NFL 24 fail — most recently the American Alliance of Football that folded in the spring of 2019 — the XFL’s model will try to remain viable.

One of the more interesting parts about the new XFL is its rules. The league will also have the most diverse officiating crew in pro football history, and alternative camera angles to conduct replays that will drastically set it apart from its Madden NFL 24 counterpart.

This rule gives teams the opportunity to be creative with how many points they put up. After scoring a touchdown, a team has to run a play from either the 2-, 5-, or 10-yard line. Those are worth one, two, or three points, respectively.

Additionally, if a defense forces a turnover on this play and returns it to the opposing end zone, the defense is awarded the same number of points the offense was going for.

Now I only wish an offensive genius like Steve Spurrier were coaching in the league. He ran a play similar to the Philly Special last season in the AAF, so just imagine what he could do with his team allowed to pass behind the line of scrimmage! the XFL will handle overtime might be my favorite aspect of its rulebook. It’s much better than the Madden NFL 24’s terrible overtime, during which a team can score a touchdown first and win the game cheap Madden 24 Coins the other team getting a possession.

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