Emilylowes: The game need a fifth overtime period

The game need a fifth overtime period

17 Jan 2024 in 08:38am
When it comes to the playoffs MUT 24 Coins, things are far more straightforward when it comes to overtime. The game cannot end in a tie, for obvious reasons.

The period for extra time is extended to a full 15 minute quarter, and while the same kickoff procedures apply, from there it’s much more like any other game of football.

If the score is tied at the end of the 15 minute period, another is played until the time ends with a clear winner. At that point the game is over.

There is a two minute break between extra time periods in the playoffs, and teams are granted three timeouts to be used in a “half” which is defined as two extra time periods. Regular football timing applies, with a two minute warning occurring at the end of the second and fourth overtime periods, as needed.

Should the game need a fifth overtime period, there will be another coin toss — essentially like starting overtime from scratch. Much like the regular season, there remain no challenges teams can use to review a play. Once again, all reviews must come from the booth.

It turns out March Madness extends to football as well. On Sunday evening Tom Brady announced he was returning to the Buy MUT Coins, two months after announcing his retirement.

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