Weismart: That way the most controversial posts

That way the most controversial posts

10 Apr 2021 in 07:01am
I concur about adding dialogue in Animal Crossing Bells low effort article ban. I'm very tired of all the gravy licking articles.

posts. All these have become more common and they're becoming so dull.

I honestly think that a lot of the principles are fine, but have some suggestions. Allow me to start this off by stating my reddit account might not have been established quite a while before, but lurked this sub with no account as like october. I think that reposts are kind of a problem here, but I know on a few subreddits like repostsleuthbot automatically checks ifI believe you guys should follow other subreddits' examples and do daily/weekly sticky posts on particular subjects. For instance the WoW subreddit does a monday ribbon for game queries, a brag thread, etc. even the unresolved mysteries subreddit does this using a meta monday and material. Usually bots/auto-moderators can be set up to do this automatically if a mod doesn't wish to perform it themselves.

That way the most controversial posts: memorials, generic outfit spam,'check out this villager/item I got', and edited screenshots are all relegated to their own space where individuals who wish to view them may, while the most important subreddit focuses on anything else. Keeping the threads on Animal Crossing Items For Sale a bicycle and removing/posting/stickying new ones can ensure they stay fresh and individuals continue to make use of them.

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