Weismart: They sucked the life out of the dialog

They sucked the life out of the dialog

22 Jan 2021 in 03:10am
Oh I did not understand there was a tag! I'll keep that in mind for Animal Crossing Bells the next time,Thank you for blessing me with this particular image you just made my day.New DLC coming into Animal Crossing?

Their sarcasm really brings back great memories of the older Animal Crossing games.I was thinking the exact same thing! I truly miss the snarky and psychedelic comments perhaps snowmen are just the start of AC developers listening to opinions of us begging for more!

They sucked the life out of the dialog. Passive-aggressive, sarcastic, and rude dialogue basically sum up the first game.And this dialog is soulless even compared to the other recent games. Like, I feel as the villagers repeat lines more than they ever did in New Leaf. In reality, I recall it being a rarity in that match.

Yeah, it is a little sad that you have to talk to Animal Crossing Items For Sale them several times simply to hear something different and every time after the first they act as if you are breaking your restraining order .

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