jasmyn: Madden 21 Ratings: Week 7 Roster Update predictions

Madden 21 Ratings: Week 7 Roster Update predictions

27 Okt 2020 in 03:18am
Madden 21's shocking performance and a large number of statistics came to the fore in Week 7. Another crazy Sunday in the NFL is in the book. The players in the league have a lot of great performances, and more terrible performances. If gamers want to be consistently successful, they can Buy Madden 21 Coins to get outstanding players. So, who will be promoted in the next roster update? Which players will be demoted?

Tyler Lockett, our selection of large TOTW cards, caused a sensation again on Sunday. With 15 catches, 200 yards and 3 points, he will continue to provide surprising goals for Russell Wilson to reach the 90 OVR range. It may be time to remove Gilmore from the 99 club. This is not to say that he had a bad day, or that he has been chewed throughout the season, but it is not Gilmore's absolute advantage over everyone this year. He is not the only player to fall into the Patriots. Both Julian Edelman (85 OVR) and Cam Newton (80 OVR) may see their OVR take a hit.

In the latest list of Tom Brady's favorite targets, Scotty Miller still ranks 72nd. There are 6 catches from 109 yards, and scoring will improve this season. The Cowboys' defense was another bad day. Although the personal statistics look good (Lyton van der Esch and Jalen Smith each have 12 tackles), the overall performance is still poor. Awareness and game recognition ability should be of great benefit to almost everyone participating in the defense.

This is a fierce shootout between the Browns and the Bengals, because the two #1 picks chose from top to toe. They showed the future of the NFL. The two QBs set up 703 passing yards and 9 TDs. Although they are not perfect, they are all worthy of improving their scores under their efforts.

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