jasmyn: The next expansion of Path of Exile will focus more prominently

The next expansion of Path of Exile will focus more prominently

21 Okt 2020 in 04:04am
2020 is a difficult year, even for game developers who are still delivering content in a timely manner, it is difficult to integrate everything together. This year, "Grinding Gear Games" performed very well on "Path of Exile", resulting in the usual three expansions, which are scheduled to be launched in December. However, the situation is not all smooth sailing, as Chris Wilson announced today, some changes are underway. POE Currency is an important currency in the path of exile. Players can Buy POE Currency to make their path of exile more rich and smooth.

Although living in a country that is responding to a pandemic, all kinds of pressures come together to make the development of recent PoE extensions a challenging thing. Wilson pointed out that changes in the pace of development depend on whether easy tasks become more difficult than expected, or difficult tasks are easier than initially judged. Based on "clear time patterns that took less time to develop than expected (or more)", this led to widespread acceptance of extensions.

In particular, Heist seems to have made more adjustments and repairs than usual, leading to serious internal discussions on how to adjust the structure of the development process to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion. The studio has decided that the 3.13 update in December will have a very specific scope that contains everything needed for the expansion of Path of Exile. Wilson personally took over the expansion of production, hoping to limit the spread of features and provide a closer, more focused player experience, complete the most important changes and make them well.

The expansion itself will be focused on the "World Atlas", will require about half of Heist's development time, and will be announced in a "slightly different way than usual." Wilson hopes that the new focus will allow the company to maintain its 13-week cycle on new content, which he believes is the best choice for continued growth and long-term health before Path of Exile 2. As always, if players purchase POE Orbs PS4 in the early days of the release of Path of Exile 2, their games will be more exciting.

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