jasmyn: Animal Crossing: Does the new horizon's event update release make it feel "incomplete"?

Animal Crossing: Does the new horizon's event update release make it feel "incomplete"?

16 Jul 2020 in 11:19am
How long have you played Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Since the game’s release in March, it has averaged 185 hours per day to exceed 90 minutes. Obviously, you need to go to Buy Bells Animal Crossing to collect information and screenshots for use in the guide, so the benefits of the dip every night may be a factor that makes me look back. In addition, of course, there is a lock function.

Since the game was released, I once missed my daily visit, so I looked up the game time. I barely broke my winning streak, but for a long time, mental exhaustion did not weaken my desire to check Jolly Red's "Treasure Trawler".

Once the seal is broken, daily visits the next day and beyond are more likely to be missed. The wedding season puts a heavy burden on me, and I don’t know if my game time is up. I noticed that some net players have the same feeling as me.

Although I don’t believe anyone hates playing games with more than three digits, the general desire to respond to updates is an interesting phenomenon. Some players seem to regard the existence of seasonal updates as a sign that the game has not really been "finished."

Scheduled activities throughout the year have many benefits for Nintendo and non-time travelers. Every month or every two months will bring new online interest to the audience, which makes the whole game full of surprises. From the developer's point of view, it also innovates the game by expanding the content of the event, and can complete the work without intensive preparation before the release. Despite some shortcomings, I still like this stable and slow game progression.

Normally, Nintendo can manage the expectations of players well and see how it handles announcements for upcoming Direct demos, but the term "event" has a broad meaning. It includes a one-month wedding season, a two-week International Museum Day stamp rally, and short-term one-day events, such as Rover’s May 1 Labyrinth. Marking these through updates will inevitably arouse people's expectations, and developers' attitudes toward these expectations have matured.

There is a wave of players who choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing, which is cheap and convenient, and can be used to improve the game. In my opinion, this is the most meaningful way to save time.

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